Hexagon Shelf Installation Instructions

Follow these simple steps, and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions! Support@travelization.org 

1. Plan your shelf hanging layout 

Our favorite layout is shown below, but the hanging configurations are endless! 

2. Mark the position for your first shelf

Once you’ve decided how to hang your shelves, press your first shelf up against the wall in your desired hanging location, place your level on the shelf to ensure you’ve got it level, and then draw a line on the wall with a pencil, using the top of the shelf as a guide.

3. Mark the hanging screw locations 

Remove the shelf from the wall and measure 1 1/4" in and 3/8" down from the ends of the line that you drew across the top of the shelf. Mark those points with a small X.

4. Drill holes for drywall anchors

Use a drill with a 3/16th” Drill bit to carefully make a hole in your drywall at the locations you marked in the previous step. 

5. Press Drywall Anchors Into the Drilled Holes

6. Screw the screws into the drywall hangers

Use a Phillips head screwdriver to screw the hanging screws into the drywall anchors, leaving the heads protruding about 1/4 of an inch so that the sawtooth hangers can catch on them.

7. Slide your shelf into place on the hanging screws.

8. Position your remaining shelves

Position your remaining shelves relative to the first shelf (now hanging on the wall) and repeat steps 1-7 for each. Optional (but handy) - Use the included alignment tool to help position your other shelves at pleasing intervals from your first mounted shelf.

Common Problems

1. My shelf won’t catch on the hanging screws.     

• Unscrew the hanging screws slightly to make the heads stick out farther from the wall.

2. My shelf isn’t quite level, but my hanging screws are already in place.       

• To adjust the angle of the shelf, slightly unscrew the to lower, or screw in to raise the mounting point on either side. Just a quarter or half turn should do it!       
• These small adjustments in or out will adjust where the hidden sawtooth hangers sit on the sloped portion of the screw head, and can adjust the angle of the shelf by several degrees.

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